Food Faith and Fasting 5-Part Series

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This program is geared towards people that want to care for daily health in a spiritually minded manner; utilizing the Eastern Orthodox (ancient Christian) tradition as their guide. It helps people that need to reverse/manage: diabetes, weight, blood pressure, triglycerides and more. Past participants have reported, better blood sugar and blood pressure control, less headaches, increased energy and more!

• The videos are made available in the recorded format. Watch the video of the week and utilize the resource guide to implement the strategies discussed.

• The program being in the recorded format gives you flexibility to view the session at a time that is convenient for you.

• You will have access to the videos for 8-weeks after you receive the email with the instructions on how to access the videos.

• The resource guides are downloadable so you can refer to those long after the program has concluded.

Part 1: What's Good and Proper to Eat?

What foods did God intend for us to eat? What should our relationship with food look like? We will focus on foods that support a person’s cultural background and traditions, and at the same time aid in care of daily health, chronic disease control and weight management.

Part 2:  Attentive

St. Paul teaches whether we eat or drink or do anything it should be done for the Glory of God. We will focus on portion control and bringing our bodies into balance all the while aiding us in care of daily health, chronic disease control and weight management.

Part 3: The Treasure of Fasting

Fasting is an ancient tool that can benefit both our body and soul alike. In this session, we discuss healthful ways to fast.

Part 4: Examining Exercise

We will discuss how exercise needs to be a joyful part of our life and why this self-care is needed. The participant will attain tips on how to fit exercise into their day without feeling like exercise has to be an added burden.

Part 5: Stomping Out Stress

Un-managed stress negatively impacts health. We’ll discuss what stress does to the body and how to manage it.

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5, 1 Hour Video Workshops, 5 Resource Guides

Only one purchase needs to be made per household.
Proceeds go towards operating costs as well as donations being made to Orthodox Christian charities and/or mission projects.
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Food Faith and Fasting 5-Part Series

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